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malek 4 years ago
This girl is not a Muslim, you are a prostitute and you wish to see a Muslim doing this so you are representing films titled Muslim
Sdddfg 3 years ago
She is not Muslim because Muslim girl nott a slut like American girls fucker
Dear Muslim Men 4 years ago
It doesnt matter if this slut is a muslim or not. Do you think that your women behave when you are at work? Do you think that they don't want to live like western women and do you think they like living as your slaves and being mistreated and covering up? Think again you idiots. You will fuck a western woman without thinking. I was having an affair with a married Muslim Lebanese girl with one son. They have sexual urges that exceed western women. Have a good look at yourselves!!
4 years ago
04:05 very nice shot but that dont musllm
4 years ago
U r not a muslim women..just trying to insult muslims
Muslim girl 3 years ago
Never a Muslim woman releases her sex movie. Sex for Muslim women is a private affair.
This man is very wild and the woman is a sex slave. Sex is a loving relationship that both parties should enjoy, not just the man! Man should not crush a woman's personality in sex!
Muslim 2 years ago
Let me clear some stuff up
1. If you are Muslim what are you doing here, you just contributed a mountain of sins in your amal.
2. And this woman name is farye so she was born in a Muslim home, but she is kicked out of Islam the first time she f**ked a pornstar.
3.Third thing racism is non acceptable in every religion and, atheism or secularism, and even if you believe in humanity you are playing with your own future social life.
Muslim woman 34 4 years ago
I am a muslim woman this is exactly how we need to ben fucked muslim man small dick
3 years ago
She was not moslem
jonsex 3 years ago
Freya Dee is name